AIrbrush Tanning

To request an appointment, text 

(770) 574-4727

Before your appointment 

We offer custom airbrush tanning with Norvell Premium Sunless Solution. After a brief consultation, our airbrush technician will spray you to your desired shade. Your custom tan will last from 5-9 days with proper care

Guest Price - $38

Member Price - $28

4 Spray Package- $120

Extra charge for more than two coats as well as darker shades.

Airbrush tan is applied to the top layer of the skin, which is why it is important to exfoliate well. It is also important to shave beforehand so the spray can adhere to your skin appropriately. Avoid lotions, deodorant and makeup as these substances can prevent the spray from setting properly. Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment and be prepared to wait 12-24 hours before you shower.